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I. Technical Data
Assay Name: Mu-DdPCR™ WT for TERT C250T
Assay ID: CBP00661
Assay Type: Mu-DdPCR Package
In-house Validated: Yes
Chemistry: Probe
Quencher: MGB
Compatible Instruments: QX200
Probe Fluorophore: VIC
Probe Purification: HPLC
Primer Purification: Desalted
Genome: Homo sapiens: hg19
MIQE Context: N/A
Amplicon Length: 90
Companion Assay: WT for TERT C250T
Postive Control: CBP10404
Mutation Description: Substitution - Missense
RefSeq Accessions: N/A
II. Product Information
Unit Size: 1OD
Storage: 4℃
Expiry: 12 months from the date of manufacture
Intended Use: Research Use Only

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