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Package-RefTM MRD Cocktail Reference Standard
Cat No. CBP90040
Descripition MRD refers to the residual tumor cells or markers in the body after treatment. There are usually three translations: Minimal Residual Disease, Measurable Residual Disease, and Molecular Residual Disease.
Product Description
Catalog ID Name %AF Specification Concentration Remark
CBP90040-1 Package-RefTM MRD Cocktail Reference Standard-0.5% 0.50% 500 ng/vial 20 ng/µL Optimized ddPCR assay
CBP90040-2 Package-RefTM MRD Cocktail Reference Standard-0.05% 0.05% 500 ng/vial 20 ng/µL Dilution fold-confirmation
CBP90040-3 Package-RefTM MRD Cocktail Reference Standard-0.005% 0.005% 500 ng/vial 20 ng/µL Dilution fold-confirmation
CBP90040-4 Package-RefTM MRD Cocktail Reference Standard-0% 0.00% 500 ng/vial 20 ng/µL ddPCR assay
MRD-0.5% ctDNA
GENE Mut. CDS change Variant Classification AF%
EGFR p.E746_A750delELREA c.2236_2250del15
Pathogenic 0.69
EGFR p.S768I c.2303G>T Pathogenic 0.61
EGFR p.L861Q c.2582T>A Pathogenic 0.61
ERBB2 p.A775_G776insYVMA c.2324_2325ins12
Pathogenic 0.41
KRAS p.G12V c.35G>T Pathogenic 0.39
PIK3CA p.E542K c.1624G>A Pathogenic 0.62
KRAS p.Q61H c.183A>C Pathogenic 0.49
EGFR p.G719C c.2155G>T Pathogenic 0.5
ROS1 CD74-ROS1 chr5:149783684:- (hg19)
chr6:117646732:- (hg19)
Pathogenic 0.55
NRAS p.Q61K c.181C>A Pathogenic 0.41
IDH1 p.R132C c.394C>T Pathogenic 0.43
FBXW7 p.R505C c.1513C>T Pathogenic 0.75
KMT2C p.F4496Lfs*21 c.13488delA Likely Pathogenic 0.46
RAC1 p.N92I c.275A>T Pathogenic 0.4
BCOR p.Q1321* c.3961C>T Likely Pathogenic 0.68
BRCA2 p.M784V c.2350A>G Benign 0.64
ARID1A p.G1848Wfs*6 c.5540dupG Likely Pathogenic 0.61
CDH1 p.P126Rfs*89 c.377delC Pathogenic 0.74
BARD1 p.K208Rfs*4 c.623delT Likely Pathogenic 0.38
BAX p.E41Rfs*19 c.121delG Pathogenic 0.75
NBN p.R466Gfs*18 c.1396delT Pathogenic 0.71
KMT2D p.Q809Rfs*121 c.2425delG Likely Pathogenic 0.51
KMT2D p.P647Hfs*283 c.1940delG Pathogenic 0.44
QKI p.K134Rfs*14 c.401delA Likely Pathogenic 0.63
KMT2B p.W336* c.1007G>A Likely Pathogenic 0.75
NSD1 p.M1531Cfs*43 c.4591delA Likely Pathogenic 0.74
AXIN1 p.E31* c.91G>T Likely Pathogenic 0.66
AXIN1 p.G508Vfs*197 c.91G>T Likely Pathogenic 0.69
ARID1B p.A547Sfs*35 c.1638_1647del
Pathogenic 0.47
HLA-C p.V100Efs*38 c.299_300delTG Likely Pathogenic 0.51
TP53BP1 p.R1447Efs*36 c.4339delC Likely Pathogenic 0.57
POLD1 N/A c.E24-2AG>A Likely Pathogenic 0.73
CYLD p.N722Mfs*13 c.2165delA Likely Pathogenic 0.57
INHA p.G66Afs*61 c.197delG Likely Pathogenic 0.74
RASA1 p.N838Mfs*4 c.2513delA Likely Pathogenic 0.51
RECQL4 p.G952Afs*92 c.2855delG Likely Pathogenic 0.54
BRAF p.V600E c.1799T>A Pathogenic 5.33
ACVR2A p.K437Rfs*5 c.1310delA Likely Pathogenic 3.98
PIK3CA p.H1047R c.3140A>G Pathogenic 2.81
BRCA1 p.D435Y c.1303G>T Uncertain significance 2.53
BRCA2 p.N1784Tfs*7 c.5351delA Pathogenic 2.35
BRCA2 p.E2292A c.6875A>C Uncertain significance 1.35
TP53 N/A c.783-2A>C Pathogenic 1.02
CDKN2A p.R80* c.238C>T Pathogenic 0.92
Likely Pathogenic
Dilution Validation Data
GENE Mutation AF% of MRD-0.5% ctDNA AF% of MRD-0.05% ctDNA AF% of MRD-0.005% ctDNA
BRAF p.V600E 5.33 0.54 0.047
ACVR2A p.K437Rfs*5 3.98 0.40 0.038
PIK3CA p.H1047R 2.81 0.26 N/A
BRCA1 p.D435Y 2.53 0.24 N/A
BRCA2 p.N1784Tfs*7 2.35 0.23 N/A
BRCA2 p.E2292A 1.35 0.14 N/A
TP53 c.783-2A>C 1.02 0.11 N/A
CDKN2A p.R80* 0.92 0.10 N/A
HLA-A p.R45Afs*32
1.25 0.11 N/A
Product Information 
Intended Use Research Use Only
Unit Size 4 pieces/set, 0.5μg/piece, 20ng/μL
Storage -20℃
Expiry 36 months from the date of manufacture

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